Authentication Equipment For Taggants

Gauge AFG-90 for Security Strip monitoring


The AFG-90 installs on the production line of a pharmaceutical plant. It watches that the security band that contains an up-converter taggant does not have gaps. Typically, the security band is printed on the aluminum cover of blister packaging. The gauge AFG-90 strides the production line. The bottom of its NEMA-4 enclosure is positioned ½″ above the moving web. Through the window, the gauge optically monitors presence and concentration of the taggant. In case of an interruption in the band, the gauge produces an alarm signal that can stop the production line.

Basic Specifications

  • Continuous monitoring of the presence of the “clear” ½″ band on the aluminum foil
  • The band speed is 90 m/min
  • An interruption of ½″ in the band causes the gauge to produce a control signal available as a relay output
  • Power source for the gauge is 90 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
  • The gauge meets requirements for operating in industrial environment
  • Indicators:
    • Audible and LED alarm when an interruption in the band coating is detected
    • 10 LED bar-graph display: 1 red, 3 yellow, 6 green
  • Gauge calibration trimmers
  • Output relay: Opto-coupled 3A × 60 VDC

ASTV-99 Validator

The ASTV-99 validator is a high sensitivity detector of low concentration up-converter taggant. A very small quantity of up-converter powder may be added to the regular printing ink of any color. The ASTV-99 validator reliably detects presence of the taggant and indicates it by means of the visual and audible signals.

Typical application for the ASTV-99 validator is authentication of value documents such as expensive tickets or confirmation of presence of the security mark as a quality control procedure.