Invisible Barcode Readers

Available models

Description of the Invisible Barcode Reader and its operation

The hand held terminal-decoder for invisible barcodes model Wizard™ CT6 is a convenient tool for viewing, inspecting and reading barcoded messages printed with special invisible inks on various substrates.

The Wizard™ CT6 is an opto-electronic device housed in a plastic enclosure. On its front side the viewer-terminal has a high resolution TFT LCD display and a pushbutton in the center. The opposite side has a dark plastic window. When the pushbutton is pressed, a beam of special bright red light emanates from the back window. This beam is directed by the operator at the area where an invisible mark is expected to be. The invisible ink returns an invisible modulated response signal to the viewer-terminal.

The Wizard™ CT6 processes this signal and converts it into a clear, well-defined image shown on its video screen, which faces the operator. The constantly updated live image facilitates the process of finding the best position of the viewer-terminal relatively to the invisible mark. Little prior training is necessary as image finding, centering and ranging operations are intuitive. The terminal automatically optimizes its sensitivity and image contrast. Depending on the currently enabled mode of operation, the terminal may simply display the image of a barcode, or decode the data contained within it, and present the decoded message on the same video screen. The decoded data may also appear on the RS-232 serial port and/or be stored in the non-volatile memory for further processing.

An invisible mark may be printed on light objects, such as white paper or plastic, any surface painted white, etc., or dark objects, for example, dark wood, plastics, colored paper or cardboard, etc. The terminal can be set up to work with dark or light substrates. The Wizard™ CT6 will easily tolerate office lighting. Best viewing and reading results are obtained away from sunlight or incandescent lamps.

The Wizard™ CT6 works with a number of invisible inks including ClirCode™ 1100 ink.

ClirCode™ is a trademark of Eastman Chemical Company.