Cryptocoder™ CCIM

Cryptocoder(TM) CCIM System with Cryptoreader(TM) CRVL-6
Cryptocoder™ CCIM System with Cryptoreader™ CRVL-6

Symbol Printing Unit (SPU)
Symbol Printing Unit (SPU)

Data Entry and Control Unit (DECU)
Data Entry and Control Unit (DECU)


The Cryptocoder™ CCIMis tabletop equipment for printing invisible two-dimensional barcode symbols on documents. The data to be printed is encoded and encrypted in a unique way. Current time and date can be part of the barcode data. Encryption can be exclusive for every particular application. The invisible symbol can be found and decoded with the help of a special hand-held terminal Cryptoreader™ CRVL-6

The Cryptocoder™ CCIM stores records of data associated with each printed symbol. The data organization is customizable.

The Cryptocoder™ CCIM consists of two units:

  • The Data Entry and Control Unit (DECU)
  • The Symbol Printing Unit (SPU)

The units are connected with each other with a cable.

The Data Entry and Control Unit (DECU) consists of the Control Box and the full size keyboard to which the Control Box is attached. The two are connected with a short cable. The Control Box has an alphanumeric LCD display positioned on the front panel.

The Symbol Printing Unit (SPU) is a special bubble jet printer. The SPU prints invisible two-dimensional symbols on paper. It has a Print Confirmation Sensor that verifies presence of the invisible symbol.

The Symbol Printing Unit operates exclusively under control of the DECU. It uses special print cartridges model IC-640 filled with the invisible ink. The IC-640 cartridge capacity is 45 ml, enough for printing about 25,000 barcode symbols.
To prevent dry ink from clogging the print cartridge, the SPU initiates a head cleaning procedure after 22 hours of idling.

Cryptocoder(TM) CCIM Systems: Inspection before shipment
Cryptocoder(TM) CCIM Systems: Inspection before shipment

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