Cryptoreader™ CRVL-6

Cryptoreader(TM) CRVL-6: looking for a barcode Cryptoreader(TM) CRVL-6: barcode decoded
Cryptoreader™ CRVL-6: looking for a barcode Cryptoreader™ CRVL-6: barcode decoded


The Cryptoreader™ CRVL-6 is a hand held terminal-decoder of the invisible cryptographic codes printed by the Cryptocoder™ CCIM. It provides a live, visible image of the cryptographic code on its TFT LCD display. Upon reading and decoding the encrypted data, the CRVL-6 emits a tone and shows the content of the decoded message on the same display.

Cryptoreader™ CRVL-6 is a special version of the hand held terminal-decoder Wizard™ CT6. The Cryptoreader™ CRVL-6 reliably reads low contrast invisible images, compensates for perspective distortions, detects and corrects many errors caused by wear and tear of the barcode.


  • RS-232 serial interface for sending and receiving data at 9600 baud
  • Non-volatile memory for storing decoded data
  • Safety features for protection against unauthorized enclosure opening

The serial port provides for two-way communications with a host PC. It is used for uploading the collected data and for modification of the Cryptoreader™ CRVL-6 program.

Non-volatile memory allows storage of decoded data for later uploading to a host PC. The number of decoded symbols stored depends on the length of data in each symbol. The standard model will store about eight thousand ten-digit symbols.

Required power: AC 90 to 250 Volts, 50/60 Hz.


  • Serial Port Cable
  • Universal input AC adapter