Proprietary Symbologies


Many applications of the invisible barcodes are related to enhancement of security. It could be protection or authentication of value documents, printed products, packages or identification documents. The invisibility factor is only one in the required multilayer structure of protective features. A long time ago V.L. Engineering, Inc., has recognized significance of the data encryption incorporated in the barcode structure. This resulted in inventing of secure proprietary symbology ARMORCODE™. Being assignable to a particular user, a symbology version provides a very high level prevention from counterfeiting. This symbology is equipped with the strong error detecting and correcting procedures. It is helpful in creating various systems for tracking and tracing. While a number of data capacity versions of ARMORCODE™ have been developed, the most popular is the 16-digit version. It is available in the square format (15 × 15 module matrix) and rectangular format with the aspect ratio of about 1:3 (9 × 26 module matrix). Both encoding and decoding support software is available. Large capacity versions of ARMORCODE™, capable of carrying biometric information can be provided.


The other special symbology has been developed for extremely high speed printing of variable information. This symbology, dubbed LERCODE™, also has a very strong error recovery capability built in. A potential use includes printing of a variable invisible barcode on postal stamps at more than 100 barcodes per second.


A specialized version of the LERCODE™ symbology for uses such as postal stamps barcoding, the MARKA™ symbology has required digit capacity of about two dozen.