Fabric Marking System FMS-39


The Fabric Marking System FMS-39 is a complete turnkey system for marking various fabrics with invisible marks and detecting those invisible marks. Both marking and detection can be performed while the fabric moves with high speed on the production or inspection lines.

The FMS-39V consists of the following main components:

  • In-line Marker Subsystem IMS-39, which includes:
    • Dispenser for producing an oblong or round mark
    • Stainless steel Pressure Tank Assembly 7.5 liters capacity
    • All necessary air pressure regulators, gauges tubing and fittings
    • Low Ink Level detector
    • Dispenser Controller
  • In-line Mark Detector model IMD-39
  • Invisible ink “FI-39”


Main performance features of the FMS-39

Maximum fabric web speed 300 m/min
Dimensions of a Synchro mark 50 mm × 25 mm, typical
Type of fabric any
Fabric color any color, including mixed colors
Marker response time 20 ms typical
Detector response delay time 3 ms, typical
Ambient light shielding not required
Average number of marks:
made with 1 liter of ink about 20,000
with full container about 150,000
Power requirements:
Detector 7 to 30 VDC
Detector output Open collector NPN transistor, +5 to +40 VDC, 0 to 300 mA
Dispenser Controller +24 VDC
AC power supply for providing 24 VDC power to controller Universal input (90 VAC to 240 VAC)
Plant air pressure 80 psi typical

Operating details

The dispenser produces Synchro marks of an oblong shape for most efficient use of the ink. The width of the mark (dimension normal to the motion of the fabric) is a function of the distance between the dispenser and the fabric and shall be set at about 40 to 50 mm or other as practical. The length of the mark (dimension aligned with the motion of the fabric) is about ½ of the mark width on the stationary fabric. For the moving fabric, the length of the mark is a function of the speed and the duration of time while the dispenser is active. For a typical 20 ms dispenser activation pulse width and 150 meter/s speed, the length of the mark is about 50 mm, which results in the mark of an oblong shape with round corners.

The dispenser has a drip free and self-cleaning nozzle.

The stainless steel pressurized tank has large capacity of 7.5 liters sufficient for a few days of operation. It is equipped with the Low Ink Level (LIL) detector. The LIL signal turns on the Red Light and can be used to activate the advance warning alarm for ink replenishing.

The In-line Mark Detector model IMD-39, in combination with the special photochemical properties of the Invisible ink “FI-39”, works well on great variety of fabrics and color patterns. The optimum distance from the detector’s sensing window to the fabric surface is about 10 to 12 mm. The detector works well without any special shielding from the ambient light normally present on a typical factory floor or in an office. The housing is dust- and splash proof. The typical response delay time is less than 3 ms, which corresponds to about 8 mm of the fabric travel at the 150 meter/s.

The Invisible ink FI-39 is specifically formulated for marking fabrics of different types and colors. It is an environmentally friendly water based ink with an improved drying time. When used with a properly adjusted and maintained system FMS-39, the FI-39 ink does not leave any spots visible to an unaided human eye. The shelf life of FI-39 ink is 24 months if the ink is stored in an opaque container or in a dark cabinet.

Marking System FMS-39
The Marking System FMS-39 block diagram

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