Viewer Wizard™ PV6B


  • Allows finding and viewing of invisible marks and labels printed with invisible ink (fluorescent in near infrared).
  • Distance to the mark: 2 inches to 4 inches (50 to 100 mm).
  • Operates in normal office environments (dark room is not required).
  • Display area: 37 mm × 27 mm.
  • Construction: Small size hand held unit with outside dimensions: 130 mm × 45 mm × 30 mm.
  • Power: internal rechargeable battery
  • Safe to use (no laser radiation).
  • Viewing time: approximately 1 hour.
  • Response adjustment for use on substrates with broad range of colors.

Viewer Wizard™ PV8B


Wizard(TM) PV8B viewer looking at a Datamatrix barcode
Wizard™ PV8B viewer looking at a Datamatrix barcode
(please click on the picture to see it full size).

The Wizard™ PV8B is a hand held rechargeable battery powered viewer of invisible images. It is similar in construction and appearance to the Wizard™ PV6B, however it operates at the longer IR wavelengths of about 900 nm. This device has a 2.5″ LCD TFT video monitor for displaying good quality images of invisible insignia.