Viewer Wizard™ V6

Wizard(TM) V6 viewer looking at a 2D barcode
Wizard™ V6 viewer looking at a 2D barcode


  • Allows finding and viewing of invisible marks and labels printed with invisible ink (fluorescent in near infrared).
  • Distance to the mark: 1.5 inches to 4 inches (40 to 100 mm).
  • Operates in normal office environments (dark room is not required).
  • Display area: 53 mm x 40 mm.
  • Construction: Hand held unit with outside dimensions: 160 mm x 95 mm x 35 mm.
  • Power requirements: AC 115 V 60 Hz or universal input (AC 90 V to 220 V - 50 Hz or 60 Hz).
  • Safe to use (no laser radiation).
  • Viewing time unlimited.
  • Response adjustment for use on substrates with broad range of colors.
  • Optional RCA video connector supplying RS-170 signal for viewing images on an external monitor, interfacing to a frame grabber, or recording on a VCR.

The Wizard™ V6 works with a number of invisible inks, including ClirCode™ 1100 ink.

ClirCode™ is a trademark of Eastman Chemical Company.